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AI, Video and Digital Strategies for better advertising

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Hi! I'm fabio

Creative Director, specialized in Content Creation, Media & Video production management and Marketing. I develop traditional video projects and use AI to implement result-oriented communication video strategies.

What I do

Technical Marketing & Strategy

AI for practical marketing. Behind a successful advertising campaign is a core strategy that guides the project at every stage.

Commercial production

I use AI analysis and creativity tools to generate new ideas, new concepts, and curate all steps of making a commercial.

Graphic Design & Still Ads

Is it possible to use AI to assist with graphic design for digital and print advertising, saving precious time on your creative tasks.

Art direction

The Art Direction process needs special tools that can create and constantly monitor a brand's image and communication.

Video Editing & Sound Design

I use the most modern tools to create videos with original sound in order to get the greatest possible sensory experience.

Photography & Branding

Photography style and visual identity are key-elements to create Ad consistency. Let's generate a well-rounded brand design.

Pitching & Storyboarding

I create a dynamic storyboard and pitch for every idea with the power of AI. My goal is to visually communicate the Ad concept.

Motion Graphics + VFX

AI applied to Motion Graphic lightens processes and enables high-quality results in a shorter time frame. It is an essential part of video production

Landing Clients + Distribution

When the project is finished , it’s time to get it out in the wild. Using AI to help with distribution is now a best practice to reach the success.


Harnessing the power of leading generative AI technologies to develop compelling stories and engaging creative narratives.

Other Activities


Parallel to my work I teach AI & Design for Master and Three-year courses of the Marangoni Institute of fashion.

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